When Dog Skin Problems Warrent a Trip to the Vet

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Most people who own a dog have had to deal with skin issues at one time or another. From allergies, to mange to lumps, or dandruff, these dog skin problems are alarming to the owner and annoying, and even painful to dogs. It’s important to know when it’s time to head to the veterinarian in order to have the problem diagnosed and treated.


Anytime young puppies have a skin condition, it should be checked out by the vet. Puppies may have mange soon after being born, they could also have allergies to something they are eating or something in their environment. It pays to be extra cautious with young puppies.


Allergies that interrupt your dog’s normal life should be checked out. Dogs can itch so much that they get red lesions, which can end up infected, resulting in the need for antibiotics. If redness, bumps and sores can be seen, it’s time for a checkup. You may also notice a dog excessively licking, this can also be a sign of an allergy.


Feeling a lump on a dog can send fear into the heart of an owner, however, don’t assume that every lump signifies cancer. It’s important to get the lump checked.

Loss of fur

When a dog begins losing their fur, it is often a sign of a hormonal imbalance. This is sometimes seen in dogs after they give birth, however, it can happen at other times as well.

Hot spots

Hot spots are areas that form from a dog licking and scratching an area. They can be from allergies or a number of other reasons. The hot spots usually results in areas of missing fur, and cuts. These can become infected and they are quite uncomfortable for the dog. There are several hot spot sprays on the market, however, if you don’t get to the underlying cause of the issue, it will keep coming back.

The above are a few of the skin issues that a dog may have. Each of them should be checked out by a qualified veterinarian. Skin problems can make a dog feel miserable and uncomfortable, they can also lead to secondary problems. Your vet can help your pet get relief.

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